The Masai Mara is a safari classic for a reason: it’s temperate climate, fertile soil and wide-open plains support a huge number of animals and make for easy game spotting. And it’s perfect to combine with all sorts of other exciting destinations in Africa like the Seychelles, Victoria Falls or even Cape Town. Read on […]

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Interesting Facts about Mount Kenya

History of Mount Kenya National Park Mount Kenya is an extinct volcano (last eruption 2.6 million years ago), which originally rose over 3 million years ago. At its peak, it reached heights of 19,700ft (6000m) before being eroded down to its current height. Formed by two extended glacial periods, research indicates that the lowest elevation […]

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About Mount Meru in Tanzania

At 4566 metres tall, Mount Meru is one of the highest mountains in Africa and the second highest in Tanzania, after Kilimanjaro. This conical volcano last erupted more than a century ago. Some 250 000 years ago, a massive volcanic explosion blew away the entire eastern side of the mountain giving Mount Meru its distinctive […]

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Top 10 lodges in Kenya conservation

If you’re looking for the sort of safari that could have fallen off the pages of National Geographic, Kenya is a pretty good bet. But behind the epic landscapes and strutting wildlife is a country that’s at the forefront of wildlife conservation and community development. Not only that, but the lodges themselves have to be amongst […]

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